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  • Quickly Automate Seller Reports on Zillow and
    We all know how important it is to keep in constant contact with our Sellers.  Information about what’s going on with their listings is an important part of that process.  This video is a 3 minute tutorial on quickly setting up automated Seller Reports on both and  These reports and good, solid statistics […]
    Matthew Rathbun
  • A Roundtable On A Practical Approach to CFPB
    CFPB – Upcoming 2015 Changes There have been a lot of training opportunities for Realtors regarding the upcoming Consumer Financial Protection Bureau changes that are coming up in August of 2015. Many have been extensive and covered everything from the background and why up to the pontification of what will happen in the future.  What seems […]
    Matthew Rathbun
  • Connect CloudCMA To Zillow For Instant Awesomeness!
    Give ’em What They Want Those buyers… they can be a demanding bunch.  From various consumer reports we know that buyers want instant information and when they make an online inquiry, they expect almost immediate responses from you.  I’m sure you’re aware that it’s hard to be all places at all times, but CloudCMA has […]
    Matthew Rathbun
  • Coldwell Banker Elite Celebrates 2014’s Success!
    Coming Together Coldwell Banker Elite has a lot to be thankful for.  With some of the most talented professionals in the business and an insanely skilled support team we have once again stood out in our industry.  Lead by Kevin Breen, we were the number one Coldwell Banker affiliate in Virginia for the 13th year […]
    Matthew Rathbun

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