App Gets Rid Of Junk In Your Listing Photos (Mac App)

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Snapheal Fixes Your Pictures

Have you ever taken a picture and wish that there was a way to remove the neighbor’s car without too much technical know-how?  Now there is.

Snapheal can be found in the App store for $14.99 and is worth every penny.  I originally bought it in a software bundle and have had it for two weeks before opening it up and playing with it.  Now with just two clicks, I can remove entire, unwanted objects from my photos.

Cleaner Pictures In Two Easy Steps

Once you’ve installed Snapheal, you can quickly upload any picture, by dragging it from the folder into the application.  Once loaded, you use the select tool to choose what item you’d like to remove.  For this post, I’m going to remove the HVAC system on the side of the house. (see important note at end of post)

Step 1 – Identify The Item To Be Removed

Step 2: Click Erase

BOOM! No More HVAC System

That’s it! All done!

What About Us Window’s Users?

Whenever I write a post about the awesomeness of Apple, I ALWAYS get email asking about similar apps for Windows Users.  I don’t know of any similar apps for this type of feature, other than there is a similar tool as part of the new Adobe Photoshop, but that Master Suite retails for about $2,600 so for that price you could buy a Mac!  I’m sure there may be another Windows application, but I’m not aware of any.

Important Note

Just a reminder that the Realtor Code of Ethics and most state laws will not allow you to edit materials issues about the property, like parts of the home, power lines, light poles etc…  This tool may be used for removing minor non-materials things, like cars, toys in the yard or garbage cans.  My demonstration is based on a HVAC system for learning purposes only – I would not remove it for production photos.

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