Coldwell Banker Elite’s Global Luxury Marketing Program

Coldwell Banker Elite’s luxury marketing provides exposure beyond the already robust EliteEdge marketing system.  For properties over $750,000, we have created a marketing strategy that highlights these beautiful homes and targets the right consumers using our proprietary CBx system.  This program excludes land, multi-family, or properties that don’t reflect the luxury brand.

The following information outlines the items in this marketing program as well as how to utilize them.

New CBE luxury Marketing flyer 

Luxury Marketing package available for request. 

Listing submission for CBE Home of the Week: 

  • Send an email to Poppy at
  • Include a description, if different from the MLS
  • Include a link to high-res photos

OPTIONAL: Listing Submission for a feature on Coldwell Banker Corporate Social Media

  • Send an email to
  • Include a link to your listing from
  • Include a link to download hi-res images (DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc).
  • Your content will be scheduled into Coldwell Banker’s calendar typically within 2-3 weeks.
  •  It will be posted on Coldwell Banker’s Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram accounts.
  •  Links are shared back once the content is live so you can reshare on your channels and gauge the performance.

Click here for the complete 2018 CB Global Luxury marketing brochure This brochure outlines all of the different publications available to agents through Coldwell Banker Global Luxury.

About Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

As one of the luxury real estate leaders for 80 years, the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program continues to leverage sophisticated real estate marketing tools and international connections that attract the most qualified luxury home buyers to your home. Enlist as a Global Luxury Specialist to show you how our heritage and expertise can make a difference in your next sale or acquisition of a luxury home.

The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program was designed to have a unique look and feel that resonates with today’s affluent market.  These elements have been applied across the system to create high brand awareness and a better consumer understanding of the Global Luxury system.

The high-end look of the Global Luxury marketing materials have been adapted to a variety of regional elements.  While the mediums of these local resources may vary, you can preserve the feelings of sophistication and luxury they communicate through consistent use.

Global Luxury Specialist Requirements

Certification as a Global Luxury Property Specialist entitles a sales associate to use the designation in their personal marketing materials. This includes the right to use the designation on their standard Coldwell Banker business card, and/or to purchase the special Global Luxury Program business cards and stationery.

Certification requires the completion of the Global Luxury certification course and satisfaction of established production criteria.  The certification course can be taken through Coldwell Banker University.  To find the class schedules you must login to CBExchange and go to Coldwell Banker University.  The Global Luxury classes are listed under Specialty Markets.

Performance Criteria:

1.  Production

The agent must have closed three (3) property transactions within a 24-month period at or above the brand’s Luxury threshold.

2. Verification

Verification of performance must be supported by branch manager’s written acknowledgement on the production form provided.

3.  Approval

The Institute will review all applications and will respond to agents before their desired course. The application process will no longer affect your ability to register for a course. Your certification becomes active upon completion of the course and the verification of production.

4.  Final Certification

Agents must complete the Global Luxury certification course within six months of the production form verification by Global Luxury headquarters. The certification may be taken as offered through Coldwell Banker University, NRT LOC or accredited company trainer.

How do I know if a property is priced for Global Luxury?

You can check the Global Luxury Price Threshold Lookup on CBExchange to check the zip code your listing is in.


Visit for more Global Luxury info and type “Global Luxury” in the search bar or click on the Global Luxury logo in the springboard.

You must be logged in to cbexchange to access these links:

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Marketing Tools

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Identity Standards

Global Luxury Photo Library

Global Luxury Listing Presentation


Coldwell Banker Global Luxury | THE REPORT

A guide to U.S. & International luxury buying and selling covering trends, global luxury lifestyles, demographics and much more. For the first time, it brings the knowledge base from affiliated local market experts and leading luxury industry insiders such as Wealth X, The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, Unique Homes and others.


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