About Corefact

CoreFact is an awesome way to produce and distribute direct-mailers to clients! We even have specially customized CBE-branded communication pieces that are based on a specific plan to solicit the attention of home sellers and place you, the agent, at the top of mind for the Seller at what Google refers to as the Zero Moment of Truth. All Associates will be provided with CoreFact accounts to manage their leads and call-to-action campaigns and will have the option of sending out additional communication pieces at the reduced cost that Coldwell Banker Elite has negotiated.

Features of Corefact:

  • Full-Service Print & Mailing Services
  • Professionally Designed Template Library
  • Automated Programs
  • List Building Tools
  • Home Estimate Feature and Widget
  • Measurable Marketing
  • Email Follow Up
  • Full Service Customer Support

product campaign product flyer

Corefact has an extremely large library of products and pieces for you to choose from including some custom, branded pieces. Below you will find some of the pieces you can expect to see:

  • Real Estate Just Listed/Just Sold Postcards
  • Real Estate Property Flyers
  • Home Estimate
  • Market Update
  • Proof of Production
  • Seasonal
  • Campaigns
  • Stationary
  • Door Hangers

How the Lead Activity Level / Star System Works in CoreFact

  • 5 or more page views: 1 point
  • “Contact me” request: 10 points
  • Latest activity: no deductions if within last week, -1 otherwise. Past 60 days, -3 points
  • Home value alert signup: 1 point
  • 25 or more actions, like property details update or page view: 1 point

These points get maxed to 10 and divided by 2 for the total out of 5.

You may also find more information by logging into CoreFact, going to the Learn More tab and watching the “On Demand Training Webinar”.


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