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You will be able to set a password for your account (the email will have a link then you’ll see the “First Time logging in” box), please note that the email address used is your … email address.  If you’d like to create your password now, you can click on and set your password.

Boost by Homespotter Automatic Ads

BOOST by Homespotter will impress your sellers and optimize your workday. With Boost, we will automate your digital ad campaigns across the web and on Facebook, Instagram, and Waze while retaining editorial control.

Our extensive listing coverage allows us to pull real-time data and create compelling ads across the web and on several social channels for all your listings. Agents can customize each of their campaigns to their liking, monitor key metrics, and reach their target audience.

What Do I Have to Do?

If you have listings, you will receive an email letting you know that your ad is ready.  You will have a choice to edit or not.  It doesn’t require any action from you but you will receive a preview of what has been created.

Your listing ads will be generated automatically and CBE agents will have 5 days of promotion paid for by CBE. You can choose to add more time to your ads after that if you want!



Editing Your Ads

Connecting Your Facebook Page

How to Cancel Your Ad

How Can I See How My Ad Is Doing? 


Homespotter Contact Person

Poppy Merrell