About RealSatisfied

How do you know who your biggest fans are? You have to listen harder to find the clients who are willing to go the extra mile for you. We help you identify your biggest brand advocates, your biggest fans, and what they love about you. And we give you the tools to share their stories with everyone, everywhere.  For Coldwell Banker Elite agents, these surveys are sent out on your behalf at the end of every transaction.

RealSatisfied Introduction


  • What is the cost of RealSatisified?
    • RealSatisified is free to all Coldwell Banker Elite Agents
  • Who will receive the feedback requests?
    • Feedback requests are sent to all non-RELO clients at the end of the transaction.  RELO clients will receive feedback requests from the referring firms (Cartus, etc…)
  • Can we stop a feedback request from being sent?
    • Yes, in rare occasions when a client is unreasonable or apt to abuse we can stop a feedback request from being posted. This must be discussed with your manager and your manager will make the decision as to if the survey will be sent.  Simply have a “bad transaction” will not be sufficient to stop a survey. Often your client will sing your praises if they feel that you worked hard to defend them.
  • Can we decided which feedback is posted online and which isn’t?
    • The ratings of the three primary categories will always be posted as scores, but the testimonial that your client enters is subject to your election to post online.
  • What if I already have my own personal RealSatisfied account?
    • If you have your own account, you can email and ask them to move it over to the brokerage account.


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