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Profile page leads make up about 25% of leads on Consumers have always used profile pages to find an agent to work with. Today, our research shows that customers rely on profile pages more than ever before. They use search engines like Google to vet who you are. And when searching for you, they often land on a profile page.  To stand out, you need video, social media links, and an updated image and information.

Every Coldwell Banker Elite Sales Associate has a free profile page on

Having an active profile allows you to:

  • Drive referrals  –  Other Coldwell Banker sales associates will make referrals by searching their seller’s destination community to find a Coldwell Banker sales associate. They are more likely to refer a client to a sales associate whose profile page portrays them as an expert in their area and one who aspires to deliver exceptional experiences for buyers and sellers.   Wouldn’t you consider a referral in the same manner?
  • Move you to the top of the list in the Agent Search page on  –  Sales associate profiles are displayed in three buckets on the search results page on First, all those who have an agent video on their profile page are seen, then those who have set up their profile page with at least a photo and four bullet points, and finally those agents who have not yet set up their profile page. Don’t be last on the list.
  • Highlight your real estate expertise and establish credibility  –  Your profile page can help you establish credibility with consumers by including relevant real estate experience and accomplishments that address issues that are top-of-mind for consumers. “Relevant” means that if you have earned a designation, further explain how earning that designation benefits the consumer, e.g., “Having earned the Coldwell Banker Diamond Society award means that I have helped numerous other buyers and sellers navigate the complex process of buying and selling a home. You can benefit from that experience!”
  • Showcase your listings  –  Your listings can be accessed directly from a link at the top of your profile page. This means that you can dedicate the video display capability of your profile page to communicating a personal message from you to prospective sellers and buyers. Use the partnership that Coldwell Banker has with Videolicious to easily produce your video message.

To activate and populate your profile, you must use the Agent Profile In-Line Editor. More information on the In-Line Editor can be found below.

Edit your Agent Profile Page in 4 Easy Steps


1) Login on in the corner where it says “Login or Create Account”.

Sign in where it says “Are you an agent? Click here” using your Exchange login information.



2) Select “My Dashboard” after login.



3) Navigate to “My Profile” and select “View Profile” to get you to the page you want to edit.



3) Begin editing information where needed and don’t forget to save.



4) Your updated information will appear on the site in just a few minutes.


Agent Profile Page In-Line Editor FAQ:


1) How do I log into the In-Line Editor?

You may login with your exchange credentials through the header of (go to ‘Create an Account’>’Are you an Agent?’).

2) I’m an office administrator, can I access my agents’ pages?

Yes, there will be an ‘edit’ option on every page you have the credentials to edit, this is consistent with your access in the SECURE site.

3) Is the functionality available for office profile pages? How about career pages?

No, we are testing the functionality on AGENT profile pages only at this time. However, we would love to hear your feedback. Please send an email to with your suggestions for how we might modify or extend this functionality.

4) I like the Profile Page editor in SECURE, is that going away?

Not at this time, the In-Line Agent Profile Editor is an additional way to edit your profile, and no changes to the SECURE site are planned.

5) Why am I unable to edit certain fields, such as my name or office address?

The In-Line Editor leverages the same business rules as the SECURE site, so fields such as name and office address, which are sourced from CREST (the TRIDENT system for NRT agents), are not editable via the In-Line editor.

6) Where does the information go after I edit it?

The data populates not only, but also feeds back to the SECURE site, and on other CB Platforms that support the data fields you’ve modified, including

7) How long will it take for the informaiton to show up on the website?

It shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes for the information to reflect on
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