About CB Exchange

CB Exchange is your connection to the world of Coldwell Banker. CB Exchange connects you to applications, such as dash, CB Zap, and CBU Learning Center. CB Exchange is the ultimate search engine for anything Coldwell Banker related. Search for the latest events, marketing materials, learning resources and more!

CB Exchange allows content to be discovered through:

  • A Customizable Home Page: Users can modify their homepage based on the resource tools and information most important to them, helping them find the content they need faster.
  • Springboard: Springboard serves as the app’s central hub, allowing users to easily customize their homepage with links to the tools and applications that help drive their business.
  • News Feeds: News Feeds organize content that is most relevant to each user. This includes “My Feed,” which uses Tags to build a personalized stream of information, and “Exchange Feed,” which contains all content shared on the platform.
  • A Central Dashboard: The Dashboard features a snapshot of personal statistics and data from coldwellbanker.com based on each user’s role in their company.
  • An Intuitive Search Function: Users simply answer the question, “what are you searching for,” into a search bar to quickly find whatever they need. This function also allows users to watch a video or preview a presentation before having to download it.

Coldwell Banker’s intranet site (CB Exchange) is accessed by going to cbexchange.com.  CB Exchange is the back end of the ColdwellBanker.com website and is where agents access a plethora of information for their business.

How to log in:

Your CB Exchange username and password will be emailed to you after you join the company and are entered into the system.  The CB Exchange username and password are case sensitive so make sure you are typing it exactly how it is sent to you.  To access the CB Exchange log in page visit cbexchange.com

CB Exchange Resources

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Who Can I Contact If I’m Having Issues in CB Exchange?
You can contact the HelpDesk. There are 3 ways to contact the HelpDesk.

  • Open a HelpDesk ticket in CB Exchange under Settings > Support
  • Email HelpDesk at help@coldwellbanker.com
  • Call 1-877-4COLDWELL (1-877-426-5393)

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CB Exchange Contact Person

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