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About CBx – The Listing Experience

CBx is a listing experience–bringing big data into a visual format that allows for price adjustments, buyer profiles and trend analysis of the marketplace.  CBx brings big data to a seller’s living room in a clear, easy-to-understand way that helps agents offer accurate pricing and targeted marketing strategies that others can’t.

Why use CBx?CBx Platforms

To differentiate yourself from the competition:

  1. No other real estate company has a tool like CBx
  2. No other agent is using science to help price and market listings

Support your position as a leader with local market knowledge:

  1. Use data to back up your local market knowledge – you’ll never have to say “trust me” again
  2. Show sellers how their home’s unique features impact the price

Add value as a listing agent with “Big Data” by showing sellers:

  1. The profile of buyers moving to their area
  2. Where those buyers are coming from
  3. How you can target your marketing to their buyer


CBx Resources

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