After Ratification

  • Send Buyer Agreement to Broker for Signature
  • Upload all Documents to DTR
  • Invite Client(s) to Transaction Room
  • Submit Tasklists
  • Add client to and send utility reminder
  • Send Sales Cover Sheet to RELO (if applicable)
  • Order home warranty
  • Send Contract and Wiring Instructions to Settlement Company
  • Schedule Settlement
  • Send Contract to Lender
  • Send Intro Email and Contract to Seller’s Agent
  • Send Intro Email to Client with roadmap to closing
  • Confirm EMD Deposited and Send Confirmation to Seller’s Agent
  • Confirm Loan Application made by buyer within 7 days of Ratification
  • Weekly Status Check on Buyer’s Loan
  • Check on Status of Contract with Settlement Company 2 weeks After Delivery
  • Collect HICR and upload to DTR
  • Collect Home Inspection Report and Receipts; upload to DTR
  • Confirm Appraisal and Coordinate/Notify with Client/Agent
  • Notify Agent of Deadlines:
    • Loan App
    • HICR
    • Termite/Well/Septic
    • Financial Contingency
  • Send Final Utility Reminder
  • Request CD from Settlement Company and Send to Client and Agent for Review 24 hours prior to Settlement
  • Send Buyer’s Settlement Checklist (48 hours prior to Settlement)
  • Schedule Walk Through 1 week prior and 1 day prior to Settlement with Agents and Clients
  • Add all Addenda to DTR

Upon Settlement:

  • CD/Walk Through/Commission Request in DTR
  • Thank you note to Seller’s Agent and Lender
  • CD Mailing addressed and stamped (to be mailed November 1)